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Dirilis (Ghazi) ERTUGRUL SEASON 1 URDU: At the beginning of the 13th century, Muslims generally had a difficult time. In the meantime, a new empire spread across the globe when, under the leadership of Genghis Khan, a bloodthirsty Mongolian army attacked other areas to spread their empire. On the one hand, they reached Central Europe through Eastern Europe, and on the other hand, they showed their power in the Siberian subcontinent China and the Persian area. Very soon, the Mongolian armies created an incomparable history of cruelty and oppression, all the great empires bowed to Mongolian cruelty, on the other hand, the Empire of Corazon conquered many areas of Khorasan, Iran, Syria, and Iraq, which at that time were occupied by the Seljuks, his atrocities tore him to pieces after the wrath of this Turkish empire, the tribes that resided there began to wander in search of.


In a safe place, most of the tribes were shepherds and gypsies, wherever they saw the green and the water saw their tents set up there and began to live. Most of these tribes reached Iran and Syria, while some of them emigrated to Egypt, one of these Turkish tribes was called Whoever a Kyyy tribe was relatively stronger and a little more populous than others was a warrior tribe and its leader was the Suleiman sha Chi II tribe in the leadership of Suleiman Shah his homeland Khorasan and went to Syria while crossing the Euphrates Suleiman Shah drowned and could not survive Suleiman Shah had four children son Ger Talkin Gunda Do or Ertugrul and Dar Dar after the death of Suleiman Shah of the KYI II tribe separated son gu talkin e guide doo went a lot with his remaining families and companions chose his Ertugrul as their leader because of his bravery and courage. 

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Ertugrul Ghazi had a brave personality, you know, without fear and warriors he knew very well how to defend his tribe. So they moved to Asia Minor with his brother and tribe, who consisted of nearly four hundred and twenty families, and entered the Seljuq empire at the moment when their Ertugrul Ghazi went with his tribe to the capital Konya to take refuge under Sultan Allah Dean to seek when he approached Ankara, he was known for his justice. Ertugrul Ghazi saw two armies fighting against each other. Ertugrul Ghazi was not familiar with any of the armies, but when he observed that one of them was less crowded and the other a huge army with its smaller army, with which it remained 420 men alone, the less crowded those with these few soldiers opposing army suddenly and violently attacked, feared and thought the enemy army could have got help anywhere in that army while it was winning the lost battle.

Later she knew that the army that helped ERTUGRUL SEASON 1 URDU was the army of the Seljuk Sultan Allah what some say was By The Army of Ntines and many say that it was Tatari Sultan Allah Deen’s army and was very impressed with the courage of Ertugrul Ghazis and the Corikauk area near Ankara was given to his tribe. The empire was a hilly area in which the Kye tribe settled. It is said that Sultan Allah and Dean donated this area to the Kye tribe so that the borders of this part could be protected from attacks by the Byzantine army, which the Sultan allowed them to conquer the empire, areas along the border and to add them to the empire, this area was connected to the Byzantine border for a very short period of time. His exertion impressed everyone with his courage. After some time, City was also assigned to his girlfriend Ghazi by the Sultan. 

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The result of these victories was that many other Turkish tribes joined the Ertugrul Ghazi and accepted him as their leader so that the power of Ertugrul Ghazi increased day by day and his influence began to settle in the surrounding areas so that one Landlords could gain this power and the influence could have been a question of the idea. A dean for Sultan Allah, but because of internal unrest and insurrection Among the heads of state in Asia Minor, the Seljuk Empire was in the final stages of decline, although the glory of the Seljuks was still in the foreground in Konya, the government’s reach was beyond that one side very limited: the Mongols had occupied a large area while the other Christian forces had occupied many old Byzantine provinces in addition to the many cells that the leaders had set up autonomous governments that were normally border areas at war and existed always a mine.

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